Friday, 28 July 2017

My Personal Passion

This afternoon I created a DLO on my personal passion. What is my personal passion? Well my personal passion is actually netball. I have been a fan of netball since 2010 and have loved it ever since. I have been in the netball inter-schools since 2013. If you where wondering who my favourite netball player was it is Maria Tutaia. This is for my Excellence and Innovation C.A.R.E award. I have just recently started played a new position which is goal shoot. I really never saw myself as a shooter because I always thought I wouldn't get it in the goal. This task was not difficult at all because I am writing about myself and who know me better than me?

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Why Is It So Important To Keep Oral Storytelling Alive?

Sky and I have been working on why it is so important to keep our oral storytelling alive. We both found this task challenging because  not being able to make a 25 word summary. We got around our mistake by making a 27 word summary. We learnt that Maori storytelling just has to be read by our culture but from any one around the world. This is what we got up to.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

How Maui Slowed The Sun.

This afternoon Sky and  I were working on  storyboard that to finish our comic strip about how 'Maui slowed the sun.' As you might already know this is an Maori myth passed on from generations. We have used our own words in this comic strip. We have told three parts of the story because this was a set task. I found this task somewhere in the middle because it wasn't hard but it wasn't easy. I really enjoyed doing this because I found this fun to create. Instead of telling you what the story was about we show you. It is kind of like show and tell. If you read the story you will find out what part we have chosen to do. Trying to find the right background was tricky because they were all modern backrounds This is what we got up to.

Ordering Fractions Game

This moring for maths I played a game I think you might enjoy playing for yourself. It's called Ordering fractions. In this game you have to put the fractions in order from highest to lowest. I recommend you to play this game because this game can help you on putting the fractions in the right place and if you get it wrong just try try again that what I did.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Duffy Books

Yesterday we  got our second load of Duffy books. Sadly I was not here on this day because I was at a funeral. I got an Infinity ring book. I am going to so much fun reading it because it will give me something to do. I have read all of my Duffy books in one day because I get bored and don't want to move anywhere. My favourite books are Tom Gates, Eric Vale much much more.   Here is our class and what they chose to read. Remember "It's cool to read".