Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Why It's Great To Be Me?

It great to be me because I am young and free. I have different opportunities than others do. We all have a bright future ahead of us and all of us are capable doing something new each day. I like exploring at new limits because you never know what you will see at the end of the rainbow until you go for it. I was working with Brooklyn to complete this word cloud. My favourite word in this would have to be dreams. Because they tell you what might happen in the future. 


  1. Hi Shakaia
    I like the things you have said about why it is great to be you. You have a positive attitude and I hope you keep striving to be the best person you can be.

  2. Hello Shakaia

    I really like your work that you have made on word cloud and how you have put words that explain you.

  3. HI Shakaia
    Your work is great and i like it.I like that u said you are young and free.

  4. Hi Shakaia,
    I love the colors that you used for your 'Why Is It Great To Be Me' word cloud and the words that you used to describe yourself.

  5. Hi Shakaia
    I really enjoyed reading about you'r word cloud and all the cool words you putted in. I also like why it's great to be you and that you have a bright future ahead of you.