Thursday, 24 November 2016

Cherry Blossom Art

                        Cherry blossom art

Last week on Friday we did something called cherry blossom art. Everyone in room 10 had fun exploring with paint playing with straws and more. Here are the steps we had to do to achieve our painting.

The things you will need are

  • A paint brush
  • Watercolor paint
  • A3 paper
  • Straws
  • Acrylic paint
  • And napkins for clean up
  • Pipette or dropper
  • Newspaper
  • Container


1.  First put Newspaper all over the table to avoid getting paint on them

2. Fill a container with water

3. Paint your piece of A3 with blue and green paint then let it dry

4. Before you made your tree on the background that you let dry, you had to practice on a little brown paper and your teacher would come around with black ink or watery paint.  Using a pipette to drop the black paint onto your paper with the pipette. Next you had to use straws and blow on the paint to get your desired tree look.

5. Once you were happy with your draft someone would come around dropping black paint on your background that should now be dry while you had a clean straw you had to do blow air onto your painting. Blow air onto the background until you are happy.

6. Now that your tree and background is all dry a teacher will put paint in a plastic bowl and using a spoon mix the colors red and white to make a light pink.

7. Dip your finger into the wet paint and blob it all over your tree branches until you are happy

8. Let everything dry and you're done.



  1. amazing art work my baby. i always love seeing your school work, tino ataahua x

  2. Hello Shakaia, I loved how you wrote instructions as to how to create a blossom tree just in case someone wanted to do it the exact same way! I also love your artwork. It looks similar to a real blossom tree! Hope you had fun creating it!

  3. nice job on this work you look like you got some help but that is awsome