Thursday, 14 December 2017

Christmas Comparison

Today Mishaan and I worked together to complete this DLO about the different things that we eat with our families and what South African  families eat. We compared many different foods that we eat to what they eat. We looked at a lot of different sites that could have been helpful but didn't have what we were looking for. We have used the most eaten foods from South Africa. Our prices were sufficiently different but was a very interesting how much of a gap there was between our prices to theirs.          

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

The NEXT foundation/ Summer Learning Journey

The Summer Learning Journey for NEXT Foundation from Next Foundation on Vimeo.

Today we had a very special assembly. People from the NEXT foundation, people from the maniaakalani cluster and Rachel from the summer learning journey all came along to this assembly. After our visitors finished talking we watched this video about our school that starred our class. After our assembly we headed outside on the bottom field to have lunch that was kindly donated to our school from the 'eat my lunch' foundation. We did karakia and started eating. Of course not everyone is the same so there were vegetarian food packs as well. This was a great experience to have taken part in.  

Collaborative Challenge


This week LS2 is learning about how to work as a team and how to work collaboratively. We discussed about different countries who celebrate Christmas. We were split into groups and had to choose a country that we would like to research about Christmas. We decided to research about Christmas in South Africa. We learnt a lot of new things about how people celebrate Christmas in different ways. We also learnt that Geseende Kersfees means Merry Christmas in South Africa. The thing we found interesting was that people in South Africa eat turkey and duck for Christmas meals. Above shows you our DLO about Christmas in South Africa and we made a screencastify to record our thinking about Christmas in South Africa.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Speech Final

Kia ora my name is Shakaia and I think I would be a great inspiration in 2018. I want to be next years manaiakalani leader or head girl for Panmure bridge school. I know I have the potential of becoming a head student. I can do this by showing younger children what the expectation is as  the future leaders of our school. I wear my school uniform with pride and I try to represent our school well. I think I would make a fantastic head student next year because I know I can strive harder to succeed. I am one who does not have much confidence but by becoming a leader of this school I will learn how to build confidence in myself. I want to strive for success for this role of being a head student. Respect,cooperation and encouragement are just some key points I have as a role model of our school. As a future year 8 of Panmure bridge school I can show that I can accomplish my goals. And I may just be a leader everyone will remember. Thank you for listening.

This afternoon I performed my speech in front of the whole class. I was very nervous and worried about how my words were going to come out. Shaking and afraid I got up on the stage and spoke. The nerves I had slowly faded away but they were still there. Speaking something I am not very great at doing, but I still tried my best and did what I could do. Everyone's speeches were interesting. I really wanted to vote for everyone that put themselves forward. This was a heart pounding experience but I still in someway had fun.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Geometry Maths

Yesterday we did maths and for maths we were using coordinates. We were given a piece of paper with coordinates and one that we used the coordinates on. The final product was a dog on the grass. I chose colors that looked like a dog in most of my piece. Magenta and I worked together. 

Google Scratch

Today I played a game on the google main page. This was like a scratch game that you use controls for to be able to make the rabbit walk. The main aim of this game is to collect all the carrots in front of the rabbit. In the start of every game you had a practice run through to make sure you understand. This is a great game to play in your free time and to see how good you are at controlling.    

Teamwork DLO

Yesterday afternoon Savelina, Brooklyn, Viva and I took photos on how we can show leadership next year. We chose three things that we can do next year to show that we are leaders. The three things we chose were motivating others, making sure everyone knows what to do and getting involved. This was a great opportunity to co-operate with the people in my class. This is what we think teamwork should look like in Panmure Bridge School. 

Tech Refection

This year was my first year of tech and I have learnt so much already. From cooking to making my own games. It has been amazing.

This year was my first year of tech and I have learnt so much already. From cooking to making my own games. It has been amazing. I have learnt a lot this year with using scratch and using different recipes to make a certain food. It has been great and I wonder what next year has to offer.  

Monday, 4 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey

On Friday we had a special visit from Hazel. She came to talk to us about the Summer Learning Journey. This is a free event that you can do over the holidays. This summer it is time travel. First you need to register on the Summer Learning Journey site. Fill in your details and you are automatically registered. When you do a blog post Hazel or Rachel check your blog post and comment on that post. Every post you do you get points. At the end of the blogging challenge Rachel rounds up your points. If you blogged through out the holidays you will have more points. The following year Rachel will come to your school and give out prizes and certificates to the ones who participated. If you did a post you will get a certificate but if you blogged continuously you have the possibility of winning a prize.  

Tech At Tamaki College/ Robotics


On Friday we went to tech. Savelina, Sky and I  finished off our chocolate logs. But this day was different. After we finished with our rotations we went to stand underneath the shade shelter. All of us were split into three groups P.E, social studies and robotics. I was in robotics. There was two M drones and two M bots. Sa kae, Mishaan and I were one group and we went to a M drone. But before we could play with the drone we had a quick lesson from Max. Now we were able to make our drone fly. There was a app that you had to get first so you could make the drone fly. We used different controls to make the drone do different moves. After playing with the different controls Mr Dunn gave us a challenge to complete, we had to start on the x and get back on the x. We were rewarded at the end with lollies so that was a bonus. I had fun playing with a drone and controlling it.