Monday, 4 December 2017

Tech At Tamaki College/ Robotics


On Friday we went to tech. Savelina, Sky and I  finished off our chocolate logs. But this day was different. After we finished with our rotations we went to stand underneath the shade shelter. All of us were split into three groups P.E, social studies and robotics. I was in robotics. There was two M drones and two M bots. Sa kae, Mishaan and I were one group and we went to a M drone. But before we could play with the drone we had a quick lesson from Max. Now we were able to make our drone fly. There was a app that you had to get first so you could make the drone fly. We used different controls to make the drone do different moves. After playing with the different controls Mr Dunn gave us a challenge to complete, we had to start on the x and get back on the x. We were rewarded at the end with lollies so that was a bonus. I had fun playing with a drone and controlling it.

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  1. Hi Shakaia
    Your teamwork was very impressive. The girls team took out the first drone challenge because of the way you went about programming the drone and problem solving. I hope you keep up the interest in robotics.