Friday, 24 November 2017

P.B.S Athletics Day

Today was our school athletics day. Today was packed with loads of fun activities. We were split into groups in our year groups. The groups colors were red, blue, green and yellow. I was in group red and we started at station 8 which was netball and basketball shooting.  There were 9 stations and my favorite station was the sponge and hurdle relays race. We had one station where we just relax. Then lunch came along and we had a bit of fun and time to do what we want. After lunch we had our sprint finals. In the finals I came 3rd in my year group out of the girls. A big thanks goes to the people from Tamaki College for coming to help out with our athletics day. Overall today was a great day. 

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Fire Station Visit

Yesterday as part of our inquiry we visited the fire station in Panmure. We met Norm, Bob and some others. This was a great opportunity to be able to see what these firefighters do to train and more. Since it is fire station they were still expected to show up on a call. We learnt how they help get people out of cars and they told us tips on staying safe around fire. Did you know that fire fighters do more than just put out fires? They are called when someone is having a heart attack or something else, they are called first responders which means they are not paramatics. This was a very interesting visit and I enjoyed it a lot. 

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Ratio Problem Solving.

This week for maths Sanujan, Nazella, Ofa and I created this DLO to show you how we soled a maths problem in our own words. We all found finding the answer to the last question because we found it hard to work out but we got around it. We all worked well together as a team and included each others idea. This was challenging because we all had different answers but we managed to work out another way. 

Learning To Motivate Others

This afternoon we were learning how to motivate others around us. We got into groups of four and in that group we created a short skit to show others how we can motivate others. This is great practice for next year because we will be the 2018 school leaders. The people in my group were Dallas, Josh S and Fraidoon. We did a play about people not caring about picking up there rubbish. Then after watching what the other groups had to show we made a Tagul. Tagul is a site that lets you create your own word clouds. In my cloud I included words that I can help motivate other people next year. I enjoyed watching what the other groups came up with to show how they can motivate people next year. 

Monday, 20 November 2017

A Winters Day in 1939

Last week Zahra and I started reading a novel book called "A Winters Day In 1939". This is a reading project called navigating novels. We are up to chapter 3 almost onto chapter 4. The activity we chose to do was feedback. I chose three questions and Zahra chose three then we answered the questions and gave feedback about how we answered them. I gave her feedback and feedforward so what she did well and what she might need to work on. 

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Visit From Police/Helicpoter

This afternoon a few people in the police with there dogs and riders of the helicopter named Eagle came to visit us. They were telling us how they keep our community safe from danger. I had a lot of fun watching how the police dogs track scents from the people they are chasing. It was really hot outside waiting for the helicopter but it was worth it. The helicopter was super big close up. This was a great experience to be able to learn about what helicopters do to protect us and how dogs use there noses, eyes and ears.  

Oral Hygiene

 Yesterday Zahra, Mia and I created two slideshows to show and tell you why our oral heath is important. We were learning about why it is important to brush our teeth every day and night. This was a community challenge. The words we learnt were tartar, plaque and tooth decay. I think we worked well together because we all had different ideas to add to a new slide. It is important to brush day and night because we only have two sets of teeth our baby teeth and our adult teeth. We included facts to support why it is critical to brush. If you lick your teeth and feel a furry feeling then that is the plaque. make sure you brush twice a day.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Badminton - Kiwi Sport

Today we had badminton with our coach/instructor Kevin. We played continuous tag. Everybody is in and if you get tagged you have to sit down but if the person who tagged you got tagged by someone else then you could stand back up again. If you and another person tagged each other at the same time you had to play rock, paper, scissors. Then we had a rally. A rally in badminton terms is when two people hit a shuttle back and forth to each other. Zahra and I were partners practising our back-hand and fore-hand skills. I had a lot of fun today at badminton and having rally's using the different techniques.

10th annual Manaiakalani Film Festival

Yesterday was the 10th annual Manaiakalani film festival. We went to Sylvia Park Hoyts cinemas. This was a great experience. It was cool watching other schools movies that they have created in there classrooms.  Our bus was late so we missed our seats and almost all of the movies so we booked in for the next show as guest. We ended going into the Xtreme screen when the movies were close to the end. Since we were guests during the next session we didn't get the seats we wanted. My personal favourite movie was from Tamaki school where there are three girls and they sing through out the movie. Afterwards when we got back to school we did blog comments. 

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Adaptation - Servals

Today we have been looking at the adaptation of an animal. We all chose a animal that started  with  the first letter of or our name. I chose a serval.  A serval is a cat species that that can be found in South Africa and many other places. I have put information that I already know and found different information and facts in websites. But like every animal the serval has predators. These predators include leopards, dogs, Hyenas and human kind. I had many options when choosing what animal I wanted to do but, something about this particular cat. I have learnt new facts and interesting information about this small animal. Like they eat frogs which sounds pretty disgusting but I guess dinner is served?

Monday, 6 November 2017

Fireworks Saftey

Friday afternoon Ls1 joined us for inquiry. Sakina, Victoria, Zahra and I were in a group. We created this slideshow to showcase our learning. We were learning about fireworks safety. We all did one slide each about what to do to stay safe while doing fireworks. This was really easy to complete because we had a brief talk with our teacher before we started. Hopefully everyone was safe while lighting fireworks yesterday.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Explanation - How Children Learn At School

How Children Learn At School

Children earn to understand how we experiment while doing new tasks through positive ways of learning new skills. We learn by listening, watching and practising. Did you know that everyone learns by exploring in numerous ways?

For example children actively investigate the world around them. One way kids learn is by agreeing and disagreeing with each other. They do this so they can experience new ways to learn together. Kids also think and reflect by talking to one another.

Children learn by playing and copying each other. Kids find interest in adults and what they are capable of doing. Children go through a natural process where they learn by hand on experiences.

We learn by asking questions and talking amongst one another. Us as children find ways to learn by researching understandable answers. A child learns from imagination in activities given.

We explore in many ways by following the role models in our schools. We all have different ways towards how we explore this crazy world of ours but this all starts at a small place called school.

A few days ago Sky and I wrote an explanation about how children learn at school. An explanation has four parts to it. The title, the intro, Poipio ( paragraphs of interesting points in order) and the conclusion. We worked together in a collaborative way. Together we were able to finish our piece of writing. First we had to write our explanation. Next we had to check our punctuation and use D.R.A.F.T and delete and add words. Lastly we had to swap our work with another pair and we had to do feedback and feedforward, which means we had to give positive information back and give them something to work on next time. We have used the feedforward that the other pairs gave us. Our feedforward was to check if our sentences mad sense and make sure we put our capital letters in the right places.