Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Adaptation - Servals

Today we have been looking at the adaptation of an animal. We all chose a animal that started  with  the first letter of or our name. I chose a serval.  A serval is a cat species that that can be found in South Africa and many other places. I have put information that I already know and found different information and facts in websites. But like every animal the serval has predators. These predators include leopards, dogs, Hyenas and human kind. I had many options when choosing what animal I wanted to do but, something about this particular cat. I have learnt new facts and interesting information about this small animal. Like they eat frogs which sounds pretty disgusting but I guess dinner is served?

1 comment:

  1. Hi Shakaia,

    Your DLO about adaption of the several is very interesting. I like how you have added main facts about this animal and how it has adapted to its habitat. I never knew dogs are a threat to severals. I like how you have attributed your image of the several. Maybe next time you could add more facts about the several and how it has adapted to its habitat.

    - Zahra