Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Explanation - How Children Learn At School

How Children Learn At School

Children earn to understand how we experiment while doing new tasks through positive ways of learning new skills. We learn by listening, watching and practising. Did you know that everyone learns by exploring in numerous ways?

For example children actively investigate the world around them. One way kids learn is by agreeing and disagreeing with each other. They do this so they can experience new ways to learn together. Kids also think and reflect by talking to one another.

Children learn by playing and copying each other. Kids find interest in adults and what they are capable of doing. Children go through a natural process where they learn by hand on experiences.

We learn by asking questions and talking amongst one another. Us as children find ways to learn by researching understandable answers. A child learns from imagination in activities given.

We explore in many ways by following the role models in our schools. We all have different ways towards how we explore this crazy world of ours but this all starts at a small place called school.

A few days ago Sky and I wrote an explanation about how children learn at school. An explanation has four parts to it. The title, the intro, Poipio ( paragraphs of interesting points in order) and the conclusion. We worked together in a collaborative way. Together we were able to finish our piece of writing. First we had to write our explanation. Next we had to check our punctuation and use D.R.A.F.T and delete and add words. Lastly we had to swap our work with another pair and we had to do feedback and feedforward, which means we had to give positive information back and give them something to work on next time. We have used the feedforward that the other pairs gave us. Our feedforward was to check if our sentences mad sense and make sure we put our capital letters in the right places.

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