Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Inter-schools Rippa Rugby

Today was the Rippa Rugby and Rugby inter-schools. This event was held at Dunkirk reserve across the road. We only had four games because two schools pulled out of the competition. I was a sub in the first game but I didn't mind. I had fun cheering on the people from both teams while I was watching from the side line. Our first competition was against Pt England. It was a tough challenge but unfortunately we lost 1-9 We had a 25 minute break before our next game against Glen Ines we unfortunately lost that game as well. Determined to win our third game we practice things that we are doing wrong while we are playing. We practised spreading out, passing into open space and calling out the names of our team mates. As we get ready to play against Tamaki school we have a little pep talk about what we had just learned. We had a great time playing but we lost that game as well. I cannot remember the score to that game but I know it as a close one. Our last and final game was against Glen brae school. This game was really close but we lost this game. We might have lost every game but we all had fun. In Rippa you just have to rip the tags on the side of the person body. 

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Production - Dancing through the decades

Last night was our production called dancing through he decades. This was the chance to let our inner power shine and to have a great time. I performed in 2 performances, Kapa Haka and my group dance with others in my class. The song we are dancing to is staying alive. I have enjoyed working towards this day since the day we started practising our dances.  I would like to give a big thank you to Zoe our dance teacher for making this all happen and letting us have the chance to be in the spotlight. Prepare to dazzle in the moon light.

Shot Types - The Princess Bride

A few weeks ago our class watched the movie called The Princess Bride. While watching the movie, we were doing film study. One activity that we had to do was focus on the shot types they are showing us in the film, and what it means. There are different types of shots that are used in movies. One shot type I found more interesting was low angle shot. I never knew the meaning behind this particular shot. The low angle shot points up to a character to show that someone is powerful etc. I would defiantly do this again next year.  

KiwiCan - Sports

Today was the last session of kiwi can for Term 3. We played hand soccer, 10 down and objects. I had a lot of fun playing these games because everyone was supportive and playing the right way. Thank you to Mr Malu and Ms Latioa for making kiwi can possible this term. My favourite game was 10 down.

Cross Country - 2nd Place

Last week our school had cross country over at Dunkirk park. All of our hard training lead to this day. The juniors from year 1 to 3 did one lap around the track that the head leaders and Mr Oglive kindly set up for us as we were having our lunch and playing. The years 4 did 2 laps and the rest of us did 5 laps around the track. When it was the year 7 and 8 girls turn to run I was really nervous to run. When we started to get ready I felt butterflies in my stomach. But once Mr Johnston said ready, set, go there was no going back. As the run came to a end I came second. Since there was only 4 year 7 girls I thought might as well make the most of it so I did. Overall the places were Tiava 1st, Me 2nd, Ofa F 3rd and Magenta 4th. It was a good race that I really enjoyed.

Cross Country Inter-Schools

Yesterday I went to cross country inter-schools. I was really nervous to run because I was a little worried that I would forget the track or hurt myself but I enjoyed running. At least what I could do. I had to stop the second round because I hurt my foot really bad and had to go to the sick bay. Besides that it was fun.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Elections - What Is A Coalition?

Today Nazella, Sa Kae, Hajera and I were learning about what coalition is and how it will affect the NZ Parliament.  Coalition is when a smaller Political Party joins with a bigger to increase the amount of seats they have in Parliament.