Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Character Description


Dakota peeked through the bushes as her eyes grew wide with excitement. She had always had a thing for magic shows, anything that was appealing. Dakota stared into the open and thought she was dreaming. Who was this man with the brown hat? Watching him make the chairs float was the most spectacular thing she had seen in a long time. She had already experienced playing with magic, and she had already had a few tricks up her sleeve. She tied her hair back and walked up to this man with the magical touch.

Today for writing I did a character description. We were writing about the picture that was on the screen. My story is about a girl named Dakota who was peeking through the buses watching this mysterious man. The blue, pink and yellow highlighting is my simple, compound and complex sentences. We had to find these three different types of sentences in our writing or add them in of we wanted to.

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