Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Character Description

The tunnel to another world ...

As I walked towards the forest I heard noises I’ve never heard before. It’s as if I have stepped into another world. The emerald green leaves and brown branches greet me and I gaze upon the muddy ground beneath my feet. In front of me there was a giant tunnel made out of trees that have been bent like a hula hoop. Then suddenly the fresh wave of the wet and damp wood hits me. Leafy vines laid under the spiraled looking tree, while birds started to peep through the bushes as there beautiful singing fills the space that surrounded me. I felt the brown crunchy leaves crackle under my feet, the mystical small orange flowers grip the trunk of the tree. Where am I? I wondered to myself.

Today I have created a character description. In this we had to describe the picture that was on the screen. I decided to act as the person describing the picture. The most sentences we could do was 12. I have a few sentences which makes it very short but interesting. I found this task good to re cap on.

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