Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Ordering decimals

This morning we did maths for the second rotation. I played a game called ordering decimals. This game is an interactive game that can help you learn your decimals. I really liked this game because it will help me learn my decimals in the future. That how much I love maths. 

Monday, 27 February 2017

How I can become an Agent of Change

Today for inquiry I worked with Sa Kae to complete this DLO. This DLO is all about our learning that we have been doing about how we can become a Agent of change. Inquiry was really interesting but fun and I cannot wait for inquiry tomorrow.

My maths thinking!

link to maths game       
Today for maths we played different maths games. All the maths game I played were very easy but some were a little hard. I was in the diamonds for today because my name wasn't in one of the maths groups. The game I enjoyed most was the caterpillar_slider because you got to choose how big the digits got. I enjoyed this game a lot and I hope we have maths tomorrow.

Friday, 24 February 2017

The second day of tech.

Today was the second day of teach. We are still in Mrs Fergeusons class for teach. I have learnt four new words today that I never new were words. Those words are Unistructural, unistructural means doing something on your own. Multistuctral, multistuctral is like people playing in the park but not talking to each other. Relational,  Relational is like three people linked together. And extended abstract is like three people linked together and talking to each other.  I love coming to teach and I cannot wait for next week.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

e-ako maths

Today I played on e-ako maths. E-ako maths is a site where you can practice all different maths skills. You can also work at your own paste so its easy for you Im a slow thinker so this is a really awesome site for me. I love this site very much

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

What is a river?

  Today for inquiry we had to create a DLO about what we new about rivers. We had to make a 25 word sentence explaining what a river is. I learned were the mouth, meander and the tributary the Tamaki river was. Inquiry was fun and outrageous and I cant wait for school tomorrow.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Technology Graphics-What my client likes

My client was my mum. This is a mix of what my mum likes a lot. My mum likes all different types of food and jewellery. She likes more things than what you can see but this is all I could fit. She loves red velvet so if anyone one came to our door with a red velvet cake she would flip. Once again this  is a mix of what my client likes

Technology graphics- design brief

Design brief
Today was the first day of Tech at Tamaki Collage. In today's rotation I was put in the 3D printing group. The other people in the class are having fun at cooking and wood works. First we had to design something for a friend or family member.I chose my mum, what i'm going to make her is a bracelet. My idea for my mums bracelet is to put the eieffel tower in the middle and put sushi around the middle.  My teacher was Mrs Ferguson she is funny and weird. When we finish designing what we desire we can ether use the 3D printer or use the laser cutter. My first day at Tech was amazing and I cant wait for next week.