Friday, 24 February 2017

The second day of tech.

Today was the second day of teach. We are still in Mrs Fergeusons class for teach. I have learnt four new words today that I never new were words. Those words are Unistructural, unistructural means doing something on your own. Multistuctral, multistuctral is like people playing in the park but not talking to each other. Relational,  Relational is like three people linked together. And extended abstract is like three people linked together and talking to each other.  I love coming to teach and I cannot wait for next week.

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  1. Thank you Shakaia. That was a really good write up of all the new SOLO words. Well done for remebering them. I am pleased you are enjoying Tech classes and we will be drawing a lot more next week.
    Miss Ferguson

    PS.... why am I pulling a funny face in that photograph????