Thursday, 23 February 2017

e-ako maths

Today I played on e-ako maths. E-ako maths is a site where you can practice all different maths skills. You can also work at your own paste so its easy for you Im a slow thinker so this is a really awesome site for me. I love this site very much


  1. Hi Shakaia!

    E-ako maths sounds like a really cool website! We're Jennifer and Christina, grade 8 students from Toronto, Canada. If we had used this website when we were younger, our math marks would have definitely improved!

    Keep up the great work - posts like this can really help other students!

    ~Jennifer and Christina

    1. Hi Jen&Chris!

      Wow yous are from Toronto Canada! I've always wanted to go to Canada. If I ever met yous both I would probably ask you to take me with you.

      Thank you for the nice comment that you have given me!