Friday, 8 September 2017

Winning The Curriculum Survey Prise!

Today at assembly I won a prise. In that prise there was lots of things that I could use to make me breakfast tomorrow morning. This was an big surprise and I didn't expect for me to win. Mr Johnston brought a green hat with all the names of people who bought back there curriculum surveys to be in the draw to win. Luckily I was that one person who won. I have never won any prise draws from any school I have been to except for prise giving two years ago. Hooray for me and the others who gave it there best. 


  1. Hi Shakaia
    I think that you dessert that yummy prise and would you like to share that with me.

  2. Hi Girls, Joshua V here
    There is only 1 problem in your blog comment and on your blurb. Could you change prise into prize.

    Keep on trying,
    Joshua V