Monday, 19 March 2018

Lost In A Book

Lost in a book…

Jessica had a power to get lost in books. She loved all types of books, short and long stories. She stared at the front cover as her eyes widened with awe. When she flipped to the first page of the book she became overwhelmed with joy just like in the fairy tale movies. The adventurous pictures filled the page as she was teleported to a different time. From playing with the mermaids to solving mysteries. Jessica felt happy and safe when she was reading. Deep in her book she was ready to flip to the very last page and find a whole other adventure awaiting her. Coming to the back cover of the book Jessica lays the book down to rest, suddenly her stories become dreams. Now she was reliving her fantasy and her favorite stories all over again.

Today we did 5-7-10 writing. In this week we had to write a character description. We were given 5 minutes to write as much as we can. Then in the 7 minutes we were given we had to talk with an partner and give informative feedback. Now we have 10 minutes to try and finish off our piece of writing. I found this task fun and brain challenging because finding what to write was easy, but putting it in sentences was hard.

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