Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Danger danger!

Once upon a time there was a girl named Northwood she is a 7 year old girl with blue eyes and chestnut coloured hair.  Her wish is to become a gymnast millionaire with  little dog  Applepie.  Apple Pie is a mixed breed. He is a German Shepard and a Labrador mix They went to  see there very well known friends the elves from the Enchanted forest. But before they went to see any of their friends the elf guard had to scan them to make sure they weren't pirates in disguise.”Hello Northwood and Apple pie!”, shouted the elves. “What brings you here?”  asked Fluffy dve. “Oh nothing we were just ah, wait what's that?” Beep beep beep beep,” oh no the sirens  quick catch those pesky pirates before they find the gold rush!” said the guard. “ Ha good luck trying to catch us you short no good elves” said one of the pirates as they carry out the gold. “Waaaa waaaa waaaa” , “who's that” said the guard. “Oh that will have to be me” said the king of elves, “ don't worry one bit me and Applepie will get back your treasure”. So Northwood and Applepie set off to the next destination, the candy kingdom. Applepie loved going to the candy kingdom to see his best friend rose. Northwood asked one of the banana guards to let them in to see princess bubblegum. “ Howdy little lady what brings you here today” said one of the banana guards. “ We would like to see the princess to see if she has seen two very bad people”. Northwood always had to break down the words for the banana guards because they weren't the best guards to ever trust. “ Okay madam you ma” beep beep beep beep beep, “ the candy gumball people are letting off the sirens” said one banana guard,” hey there they are go get them Applepie” said Northwood but he was too busy eating the ground. “Get back here ugly pirates!” shouted the princess. “ Ahh darn you pirates” said  the princess even louder than before. “ Hahahahahaha you'll never catch us even if you tried” said one of the pirates as they laugh into the candy forest. “ I'm so sorry princess” said Northwood while princess bubblegum's face went red every time she looked at her. “ Don't worry princess me and my trusty dog will get your candy money back lickedy split” said Northwood as they set off to the last place. Pirates cove. When Applepie and Northwood were just about to leave princess bubblegum ran over to them and said that she was going with them no matter what they say. They were all getting hungry and tired so they stopped to rest in a old candy cabin in the woods. They all had a snack and a little rest until they all woke up to something banging on the door. Princess bubblegum  went   to who I was “HELP” screamed princess bubblegum Northwood got up a dashed to the door but before she got there the princess was gone.

Were the pirates put into the candy jail or will they still be on the loose. I guess will never know until next  chapter of Northwoods catastrophe life begins.   

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