Thursday, 15 February 2018

What Is My Morning Routine?

What Is My Morning Routine?

As you might already know everybody in this chaotic world has a morning routine. Weather it be getting up and having a shower or just getting changed. But I'm pretty sure that not everyone has the same routine they follow. Here is what my morning routine looks like.

To start off this routine I wake up to my alarm. Then I walk to the end of the hallway to turn on the shower. Next I get my clothes ready to jump in. I stay in the shower for about 5 to 10 minutes before I finally hop out and get dressed.

Now at this stage I usually have breakfast. For breakfast I either have rice bubbles or corn flakes. But sometime I like to have lasts nights dinner. That’s if there is anymore of course. With the help of a Milo I re-energize my body before we head off to school.   

Once all of us finish getting ready and have our bags on our back. We all head out the door ready for the school work that is yet to come. The car is running and we have made sure we've cleaned up our rooms we jump in the car ready to leave home and come to school.

Like I said before everybody has a morning routine. But they might be similar in some way. If you are like me and don't do very much in the morning than there is very little to say. This was my morning routine and the steps I do in the morning.

On Tuesday we did writing. For writing we had the choice to either do our morning routine or how we walk to school. I chose to do my morning routine because I think that I do more in this time. This is an explanation. A explanation is a writing task that is written in present tense, meaning it is written in words that are happening. 

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