Monday, 20 June 2016


Matariki only happens when you can see seven bright stars in the sky and it is also known as the Maori new year. You can see Matariki in the beginning of June in the eastern sky.  A thin bit of the  new moon appears in the north. That is how you know Matariki has begun. Matariki is also known as Pleiades and there is even a car brand, Subaru, that has six stars but it was based off the seven sisters. Subaru is what people in Japan call the Matariki stars. People in New Zealand celebrate Matariki in different ways. Some people plant native trees or do the haka.Image result for matariki

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  1. Hi Shakaia, Wow! good information on your Matariki writing. Have you ever seen the star at dawn?. Keep up the good work