Thursday, 22 September 2016

Meeting the Silver Ferns!

Yesterday Mr Reid, Leanah, Katrina, Kuini, Mary, Bella, Meana, Lupe and I  went to Saint Kents to see four Silver Ferns. We saw Maria Tutaia, Catherine Tuivaiti, Grace Rasmussen and Leana de Bruin. We were all excited to see them.

When we got there, there was over 30 Schools to see them. They taught us some of their favourite netball drills and tricks. First we went to the netball courts and we had some people from St Kents that helped us warm up for a few minutes. The St Kents girls names were Tori and Mahina. We warmed up by doing squats and lunges. Then we finally  got to see the Silver Ferns. Just before we got to meet them we had to do a chant but that's another story.

We started with Leana de Bruin and she taught us how to intercept. Then we saw Catherine Tuivaiti. St Kents provided us with lunch so we didn't have to bring lunch. I had a chicken and mayo bun and some fruit. Then we had some pictures taken with them and we asked them some questions.

Finally we had to say our last goodbyes and get some signatures. That was the end of the adventure with the Silver Ferns.

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  1. What an amazing experience, Shakaia! What was the top netball tip that you learnt from one of the Silver Ferns?