Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Steps in the sky

Steps in the sky

As my heart raced out of my chest I was making my first move on the high beam. I could hear my feet quivering under my breath each step I took was even more heart pounding than ever. As I touched the pole on the other side I had never felt more alive, it was like winning a medal for the 100m race.

When I took my first gulp of fresh air I thought I was ready to pull myself back to the other side. Until the beam felt like it was wobbling under my feet.  But I knew it was only in my head. Each step was much more breathtaking than before.

The beam felt five feet higher off the ground looking down. My confidence was slowly fading. Until I pushed all my confidence back into my body and lept off like a angel. As hard as it was I kept all my victory to myself as I walked to the seat to have a well deserved rest.

Today I finished all my writing about camp. We had 5 minutes to complete this task and let me tell you it was super easy to accomplish. This is what I have done so far. This task was called 5 minutes of camp. My recount is about high ropes.

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