Friday, 23 June 2017


Today was black out day to support the All Blacks for there game tomorrow. Our whole school sang a song called Tutira Mai to and the boys in the kapa haka did an amazing haka. We wish the All Blacks all the best for there game against the lions. We also did some awesome activities like spell All Blacks with the whole school and we did a game where we passed the ball around the court while Mr Wong was videoing from above with our school drone. But we are not finish there my friend oh no, after we finished passing the ball we took a photo behind our new school poster to top it all off. If I had to rate my day today it would be a 10. Why? Because we had technology this morning, we have new water storers for our garden and our videos are going to be sent to the All Blacks. The winner will be rewarded with the All Blacks coming to our school! How cool would that be? I had an amazing and I hope for this day to come back around. GO ALL BLACKS!

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