Tuesday, 27 June 2017

St. Lucia's Day

This afternoon I did St. Lucia's day about what people do in Scandinavia. This is what Mishaan and I did during the middle and last block of school. We have made this to the best of our ability. This is our DLO on how Scandinavian people celebrate . This is what we got up to.


  1. Hi Shakaia! I did not know St Lucia’s Day even existed even though I am Scandinavian. I don’t think I want to wear a candle - lit wreath, because what if one of the candles fell off and your hair or dress caught on fire! Apart from that it looks like a pretty cool celebration.

  2. Kia Ora Shakaia, I like your google drawing about St. Lucia’s. It has a lot of information about the celebration. At Paihia School we’ve been learning about different celebrations around the world too. I worked in a group with Vanya and Tarquinn, we chose the country America and the celebration we did was Kwanzaa.

  3. Hi Shakaia

    Great job on your work and great information.